Veziem your home a piece of love

A friend today goes from Pôrodnice to a final home. He was born to a boy of Cisárskym rezom, so they got a little bit of a build. The first day I left the rest of the room, and the small linen was brought to the Kàmenie. She tried to do it, but Bohužiaľ sa little could not come, so she decided to pre Kàmenie from Fľaše. He didn't want to worry, and the boy was hungry. Let's be sure that the Niektoré sisters and mom in Pôrodnica sucked out, but Prečo sa zbytočne týrať. Bábätku Team Nias You do not harm, skôr him hurt Stresom that Niečo not go and you will be under pressure Obidvaja. He had been very tired of it, and the little one had to go under the light of the Žltačke.
The bottom-up protege
And we've had a bad time at the top of a dvoma on the visit, and we've had some kind of stuff from the little ones, such as a cat-boy. One starlight and a second Športiak. Boli come to the parents, so we boys had to carry them separately. Dedo so you can have a little ride in the granddaughter of Grandma. But it was a short one, but it was a slow-moving thing. Teraz we already have flax one kočiar pre-twin and this is Skôr Len so ako our co-owner, Shď Niekam Ponáhľame. Our chrobachers go through the Chodia and slowly and raise every principle. We wouldn't have gotten anywhere.

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