Mácha Lake

The legend tells of the king Karl IV, who had gone with his companion for the hunt. No beasts far away, when a large deer appeared in it, and fled into the deep woods, he introduced the company into the deep woods. The king eventually ended up on a meadow full of sheep, but he wanted to swim. Therefore, he ordered that the pond be built here. It happened and in Staré Splavy began to be born the Great Pond-later Mácha Lake.
Today, Mácha Lake is one of the most sought-after places in the country. It offers plenty of options and activities both in winter and summer.
Technical data
If you are interested in numbers, the dam at the lake is higher than nine meters, and its area is more than 280 hectares. A huge water surface holds over six million square meters of retained water and deep is up to twelve meters. Can you imagine Mácha Lake? Take a trip, weekend or holiday to see it with your own eyes.