Family Lunch

Daniela had no idea what the SEO administration was, so she just sat on the spot, shacked in food and didn't comment on the subject. Her husband was able to keep the whole call, and he didn't need it, whether he and his brother and his wife guessed anything. Daniela realized that it was better not to argue with him, actually it was better not to even be afraid of him.
Good husband
Libor is not a man who could bear the views of someone else or compromise – she knew it well for those years of marriage. But she could not say that their marriage was bad, not again. Libor was a good man, loyal and faithful, she had no fear of betraying her or betraying her. He did not admit dishonesty or lying, she admired it and was glad for it. She would not bear if, for example, he cheated on her, as his brother cheated his wife.