Employee Reviews never End

It is a constant process that is never over. Every workplace is constantly changing and evolving. It's the same in every business. You have underestimate the communication in the past. But now everything is different. You have begun to be interested in subordinates and they have the opportunity to also communicate your insights and suggestions for improvement. But you don't even avoid criticism. If someone makes a mistake, it is necessary to inform him and draw the appropriate consequences. There's no trouble in your carpet. You are trying to get the lessons from the mistakes of the subordinate parties.
Your workers ' weak spots will no longer wake you up from sleeping
Finally, you have also penetrated into the secrets of employee reviews. You'll admit it wasn't easy at all. You've had some great training and you've studied professional books in the evenings. It paid off, and now you dare to argue that you can hardly surprise you any more. You follow each child carefully. In a relatively short period of time, you have managed to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of individual workers. You are now analyzing the detected facts. You might call external experts to help you learn new things.