Also get quality background

So far you have been organizing your municipal children's Day, as you could, and actually it is possible to say that it took place in a sort of makeshift conditions.
In short, you've always picked up everything that was right for you and what was available, and you used it as a background for various child competition stalls and small retailers.
So it is true that the place was very colorful, in short, in the style of "what the house gave", as the people say. Each booth had a table, most often a school bench and some chairs, and you all wanted to avoid raining because you didn't have a roof over your head.
But this provizorium is finally the end of the day. Your municipality has decided to use the sale of scroller tents after years and to buy quality facilities for organizing similar events. And you have to say that it is impossible to compare it with earlier options. Now no umbrella will ever get you.